Topographical  Surveys

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Site Survey
A topographical survey is an accurate representation of both natural and manmade features within a predesignated area.  A full site can have many uses for people such as architects, developers; planners etc, the features shown on the plan can be tailored to meet any requirements from just simple outlines to a full site survey to include roads, buildings, flowerbeds, inspection chambers, trees etc.  Every topographical survey is fully labelled indicating surfaces and boundaries, with ground levels back to either a local site datum or Ordinance Survey.  All or our site surveys are carried out by experienced
surveyors using the latest technology.
Boundary Survey
A typical boundary survey would generally show details at a large scale.  Hard features such as existing buildings both on the property and adjacent to it would be measured as well as the locations of all boundaries.  This plan could also be tied in to OS Active GPS network and overlaid onto digital Ordinance Survey mapping, giving the option to use the boundary survey for Land Registry purposes.
BIM Topography
By producing an accurate Geo-Referenced topography for your existing Revit model, it will enhance and support your model by providing the existing ground conditions for the proposed building.
  • Land Surveys With Site Specific Requirements
  • Road and Highway Surveys
  • Control Re-Establishment Surveys
  • Land Registry Plans
  • Area and Volumetric Surveys
We can tailor for any size topographical survey from a small garden to housing estates and golf courses.  We will utilise a combination of latest equipment to ensure that all of out surveys are carried out efficiency and cost effectively.