Measured Building Surveys

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Measured Building Survey

All of our measured building surveys are produced from 3D point clouds which are captured using the latest 3D laser scanners.  This enables us to collect vast amounts of data in a very short period of time in a non intrusive way.  By producing our 2D drawings from a point cloud we cannot only ensure a high level of accuracy and precision, but we can also provide a whole range of deliverable s that may not necessarily be required at the time of the survey was carried out.

Floor Plans

A typical floor plan could show any number of features within the building depending on the specification.  A general 1:50 scale floor plan would show all internal walls, doors and window positions with heights and openings, all steps up and beam and ceiling levels.  Floor levels would also be shown and these would be tied in to either an external datum point such a survey nail or an internal datum such as the ground floor slab.

  • Detailed Floor Plans

  • Reflective Ceiling Plans

  • Outline Floor Plans

  • Area and Volumetric Surveys

  • Mechanical and Electrical Plans